LOL!! Limpopo man Arrested for selling Lightning and Heart attacks at MTN Taxi Rank

In a controversial move criticized by commuters and the man’s customers, Joburg police arrested a man from Limpopo for selling muti. The 28-year old, Noko Marumong Malatji was allegedly responsible for the deaths of many citizens through his distribution of the said witchcraft medicinal practices. Marumong spoke to Imzansi  during his arrest and said, “The police are desperate to take food directly from my mouth. Two of the cops who manhandled me were my regular customers and I was disappointed because I once helped W/O Mlambo when his mother-in-law almost killed him by giving a counter-lightning potion which allowed him to escape the attempt at his life unscathed.”

Malatji started the business six years ago when he saw a gap and a need for lightning medicine and as his clientele grew he started experimenting with other types of witchcraft products like professional flying brooms, lotto medicine (he claims to have been responsible for the R232m jackpot winner) and Tokoloshe (water sprite). Malatji grew up in Ga-Mashamothane village in Burgesfort, Limpopo where he learned the practice from his the 156-year old grandmother.

Many South Africans called out the police force for the barbaric treatment received by people daily  and a petition was created calling for the release of Malatji from Jozi Deep police station. The petition mentioned important factors such as Malatji being the sole breadwinner to a family of twelve excluding his estranged wife and three brothers.

Do you think he should be released from custody? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW