Video & pictures of Ronald Muchengwa aka Uncle Ronald #RolandMuchegwa

Roland Muchegwa has become a sensation in South Africa, impressing with his ability to attract gorgeous women. The Zimbabwean fugitive has been arrested on charges relating to an incident with his ex-wife.

Muchegwa has sparked a movement, with people posting their answer to the #RolandMuchegwaChallenge.

Ronald Muchegwa, the Zimbabwean ‘blesser’ who went viral after snaps surfaced with gorgeous woman doting on him, has sparked a challenge.

Mzansi has had Muchegwa trending for couple days now, a movement in his own strange way.

The video which saw him rising to infamy has spurred a challenge, with citizens jumping in on the action. reported that Muchegwa had been arrested, on the run from Zimbabwean authorities for assaulting his ex-wife.